Tropical Storm Cindy was the big story last week, but most of us west of I-45 didn't see much as its center tracked into Louisiana. Even though we weren't forecasting heavy rain west of Houston, many assumed (hoped) it would pour where they lived. This impression was amplified by extensive coverage of Cindy on all TV stations. While the storm was ultimately forecast to spare Houston, many considered Cindy another dud.

But, remember Tropical Storm Bret early last week? Most don't. Bret was the one in the Atlantic which tracked toward the Windward Islands and then fizzled just as it approached the coast of Venezuela. Well... the circulation and winds died out, but the energy and moisture remained more or less, intact and was eventually swept into the southwest Gulf of Mexico, near us.

Trade winds then neatly guided that moisture plume right into our region early this week, so arguably the heavy rains Houston's been experiencing over the last 24 hours have been from the ghost of Bret! (Our weekend rain was from the left-over Cindy rain interacting with a weak, dying cold front.)

Whatever name you want to assign to our inches and inches of rain, we've received a great soaking -- which we may need because we're about to enter the climatologically drier portion of the summer season when drought can set in, unless interrupted by a tropical system.


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Meteorologist Brooks Garner