Have you ever been told to just "chill out?" It's hard to do here in Houston during the month of July but I know of just the perfect place: Greenland.

Here's the translation:

"-33.0 ° C to summit Greenland (alt 3207m) this 4/07. Monthly record of cold in Greenland (former -30.7 ° C) & on all the Northern hemisphere in July."

Granted the temperature was recorded at 3,207 meters or 9,621 feet but -33.0°C (-27.4°F) was still enough to break the ice so-to-speak off the old record of -30.7°C (-23.26°F).

The record is only impressive in the northern hemisphere because we're at the height of summer. Ironically enough the coldest temperature ever recorded on the planet also occurred during the month of July -- but in the southern hemisphere, the height of winter, at Vostok Station, Antarctica. On July 21st, 1983 the temperature plunged to -128.6°F (-89.2°C).

With temperatures forecast to jump into the upper 90s by the end of the week all over southeast Texas, I wouldn't mind a nice arctic blast right about now -- but everything in moderation of course. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Houston? 5°F above zero. By comparison that's 133° warmer than that icy day at Vostok.

And now you know.