A Houston man is counting his blessings after a steep fall and wild rescue on the cliffs in San Diego.

Gerard Hobbs, 19, was there with two of his friends on vacation when he fell more than 20 feet, narrowly missing the jagged rocks below.

"I should be dead right now but I’m really grateful for everything that happened,” said Hobbs.

He says he was snapping pictures around sunset at Sunset Cliffs, a popular tourist spot, when the rocks gave way underneath him.

“When I fell in, all the seaweed had wrapped around me, and I was just like panicking at that point because I saw that I actually fell off,” said Hobbs. “I was wrapped in it all, and I was just trying to get help.”

“That's when I quickly got up, and I was calling his name,” recalled Amerdeep Sheemur, Hobbs’ friend. “I saw him come out the water, and I was like ‘Dang! Are you alright? Are you alright?’"

After rescuers hoisted Hobbs to safety, paramedics checked him out, but he refused treatment. Still, the scratches and a swollen leg are now souvenirs on a trip he won’t forget.

Hobbs says this all happened on their first day in San Diego. While they’re planning on staying in the city an extra day before going on to Sequoia and Yosemite, Hobbs says the group won’t be going back to Sunset Cliffs.