HOUSTON - Two Humble ISD employees are being hailed as heroes for saving the life of a diabetic woman who passed out in her car in a Walmart parking lot.

According to Deborah Watts, the trouble started on Tuesday when she pulled into the Walmart Neighborhood Market parking lot in Kingwood to pick up some medication.

She said she remembers parking and tuning her radio to KSBJ, then things went black.

“I hadn’t eaten enough sugar that morning of any type. My sugar just bottomed out and I passed out,” Watts explained. “I woke back up in the ambulance, had an IV in my wrist and they’d been feeding me glucose water through the IV to get my sugar up.”

On Friday, Watts got to meet the women who got her to that ambulance: Mary Fischer and Pam Workman.

Workman is the one who first noticed Watts slumped over her steering wheel.

“When I looked up, I could see the top of Deborah’s head,” said Workman, a teacher at nearby Kingwood Park High School.

She banged on the window to get Watts’ attention and, when that didn’t work, called 911.

“You could tell she was ill,” said Fischer, who works as a nurse at the school and ran over to help.

Just by noticing her, Watts credits the pair with saving her life.

“We all have busy lives. You just have to stop. You see something like that, you can’t just walk past,” Fischer said.

It’s obvious the women Watts hails as heroes aren’t quite ready to see themselves in that light.

“No hero,” Fischer said modestly before Watts spoke up.

“There are so many people who wouldn’t have cared or wouldn’t have done anything,” Watt said.

Watts added that every day she has now is one she’ll enjoy thanks to a couple Humble strangers.

“Y’all think you didn’t do anything special, but you really did,” she told Workman and Fischer on Friday.

Watts said that three days later, she feels fine, but she’s incredibly thankful for the two women who came to her aid.