HOUSTON - Some Houston Police officers are receiving praise from the department after caring for two lost dogs until they could be reunited with their owner.

The story was shared on a Houston Police Community Service blog post.

A family drove to the South Central police station on May 27 with two German Shepherd dogs in the back of their pickup. They told police they had almost hit the dogs while driving near Tony Marron Park. The dogs were wearing collars but no tags and the family could not locate the owner.

The family thought that the two dogs looked like police K9 dogs and took them to the station. Police contacted BARC, but they were closed and no one was available to accept the dogs at the facility. Officer Vanessa Garcia has a German Shepherd at home and offered to foster the dogs until the owners were found.

The dogs were checked for microchips but unfortunately none were found. Two officers drove around the area where the dogs had been found to search for any 'lost dog' flyers and searched social media sites to no avail.

After posting their own flyers, HPD received a call from Janette Sosa, who said she'd seen the flyer and that her two dogs had been missing for days. She believed that someone who had earlier inquired about purchasing the dogs may have returned and let them out of the yard.

Lost dogs reunited with their owner (Photo: HPD)

HPD officers confirmed that Sosa was the owner of Boy and Chica. When she arrived at the station, she had a happy reunion with her dogs. She agreed to make sure that the dogs are microchipped, registered and tagged.

"I am very proud of all the officers that were eager to assist with our efforts to care for the dogs and reunite them with their owners, especially Officer Garcia and her family, who opened their home and their hearts to these dogs. In just the afternoon I spent dog-sitting at the station, I almost became attached to the dogs. I imagine it was even harder for Officer Garcia to see them go, but it was very rewarding to see how happy the dogs were when they were reunited with Ms. Sosa," wrote Sgt. Sievert.