HOUSTON - A Houston daycare is under investigation after a child was found wandering along the South Freeway.

Only KHOU 11 News watched as the three-year-old little boy, covered to protect his identity, was reunited with a daycare worker.

“I got his mom, she's on the way,” said the worker.

The Littlest Ones School is located inside Metropolitan CME Church. The child's grandmother says the daycare told her that he wandered away during recess.

It happened around noon near Highway 288 and Reed Road. The child made it to the shoulder of the freeway where a driver spotted him and stopped.

The daycare called and told other parents what happened. They told us the facility was closing early.

“I would have been sad and upset,” said parent Jonquil Collier. “He walked close to the freeway and through the ditch? That's far.”

The child's grandmother said he was fine and not even shaken by the experience.

CPS is now investigating along with HPD.