Visitors reported finding available parking spots difficult but not impossible.

“It was packed man, it was packed,” said Zoo Lights visitor Jason Goodwin. “We got here early, hour, hour and a half early. Figured we’d get some good parking. It was full.”

Goodwin said he located a parking space in Hermann Park’s second lot eventually.

The Houston Zoo says insufficient parking is more of a perceived problem and points to alternative options if the Herman Park lots are full.

There is a $10 parking lot at William C. Harvin with a shuttle transporting visitors ton and from the zoo.

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Visitors may also park at in the Museum of Natural Science parking garage. The on-demand ride service Lyft is offering discounts to Zoo Lights passengers with $10 off two rides, to and from the zoo.

The best option for finding a parking spot may have more to do with timing than anything else.

Zoo Lights visitors may have the best luck finding a parking space if they arrive shortly before the zoo closes for normal visiting hours as the sun begins to set.

Masses of day visitors return to the entrance gates and head to their cars. At once, a large portion of parking spots become available for Zoo Lights visitors.