The “avalanche” of allegations of sexual misconduct by celebrities and politicians could spark real change, but will likely lead to backlash against victims, according to University of Houston-Downtown psychology professor.

From Harvey Weinstein, Louis CK, Roy Moore, Kevin Spacey and President George H.W. Bush, who apologized Monday after a fourth woman claimed he groped her, harassment complaints are piling up against powerful men.

Dr. Kristin Anderson, a UHD professor, called it an “avalanche of revelations” sparked by courageous victims inspiring others.

"They think okay, I’m not crazy,” Dr. Anderson said. “Maybe it actually wasn’t my fault. Or maybe I didn’t do something to bring this on. It kind of just opens that up a little bit. Someone else can do that, so can I.”

However, Dr. Anderson, an author on feminism, thinks backlash is coming.

“These women now are turning the world upside down in a lot of ways and that’s going to be and that’s going to be very threatening to people,” Dr. Anderson said. “If all of the men accused are unseated, that’s a lot of men that are going to be taken down by this and I think that’s intolerable for a lot of people. The managers, the agents, even the assistants. What are they going to do? So there is a lot propping up this unfair system.”

Still, she remains hopeful that all those complaints will spark change first.