HOUSTON- For the last three years, at least twice a month, BARC holds a free spay and neuter clinic.

“Usually people show up from 4, 4:30 as early as 3 we’ve had people show up... They just want to make sure that they’re able to get in,” said Jennifer Barrera-Garcia with BARC.

In addition to the surgery, which sterilizes a pet and prevents them from breeding, pets are also vaccinated, microchipped and licensed with the city for free.

BARC can usually take 50 pets on the free clinic days, but any pet that missed the cutoff is given a voucher for the free service to be scheduled at a later day.

Barrera-Garcia says the free surgeries are one way to curb Houston’s over-population of stray pets.

“It’s going to take a little while. It’s definitely going to take some work. But this is a great way to get started and head towards that solution.”

To learn more about the clinics and to find out the date and location of the next one: www.HoustonBarc.com