HOUSTON -- From the Governor of Texas to police officers right here in Houston, people are praying for swift justice after 20-year San Antonio Police Department veteran Benjamin Marconi was gunned down Sunday morning. Some people are turning to Buffalo Bayou Park to mourn.

“It’s beautiful. It’s right in the middle of this green pasture,” said Ray Walker as he described the Houston Police Officer’s Memorial. “I see rising. I see hope. I see depth. I see death. But no matter where you look, right in the middle is always hope.”

Walker talked to KHOU 11 News moments after he stopped his morning jog to drop to his knees and offer a prayer at the foot of the memorial. “And we’ll say thank you to the all the police officers that have given their lives so that I can run around the park.”

“Different people mourn in different ways, and I’m proud that the City of Houston has this beautiful monument here where people can mourn whichever way they choose,” said Ray Hunt who is the president of the Houston Police Officer’s Union.

People who walk or bike or jog past the memorial have a choice, walk past or stop and remember.

“It’s like this little beautiful piece of art. And I have to stop,” said Walker.