HOUSTON – For the fourth time in six weeks, Americans are cleaning up after a Hurricane. This time, in Louisiana and Mississippi after Nate.

Houstonians know very well what it’s like to clean up after a big storm like that.

Almost every single home in the Verde Forest community of Northeast Houston has been touched by Harvey in one way or another. Most of the flood debris has already been picked up from the front of the lawns, now folks are trying to reconstruct and rebuild their homes. Some families are farther along in the process but everyone is just trying to put their lives back together.

“We moved some of it but we still have clothes and stuff” said George Chappel who hasn’t left his home since it flooded. The water rose about two feet inside the home and a month later, the family has already gutted the lower part of the walls, replaced moldings, doors and the stuff he plans to throw out- is already outside.

George knows he has to give up some of his belongings, but he’s not giving up on his home.

Like the Chappel family in Houston, the Rollins in Louisiana are also trying to rebuild after Nate. “We’ve been through this before so we’re making it okay” said Ms. Rollins as she was raking up the front lawn.

Nate’s fury spared Florida and Louisiana, including New Orleans- good news for FEMA, strained by a summer of major storms. Here’s FEMA director Brock Long, “the botton line is that over 85 percent of my entire agency is deployed right now. We're still working massive issues in Harvey, Irma as well as the issues in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.”

So far the city of Houston has collected enough flood debris to fill up 315 Olympic size swimming pools and folks are still trying to rebuild.