Even before the National Weather Service issued a hurricane watch for the Texas coast Houstonians headed to the store to prepare to weather the storm.

By bottle, by gallon and by jug, a lot of water got wheeled out of the aisles of the Studemont Kroger Wednesday morning because longtime Houstonians like Maggie McMillen know the drill.

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“I’m stocking up for the weekend,” she says. For her, that meant grabbing a couple gallons of water along with a few other items on the list. “Batteries for my flashlight just in case,” McMillen says. “Maybe some quickie foods in case the power goes out or something.”

It’s also a good idea to stop by the pharmacy if you need to stock up on medication. Remember to grab some snacks and fill up the car too.

Another concern is losing power and air conditioning along with it. We have an easy do-it-yourself guide to make your own battery-powered swamp cooler on our KHOU 11 News YouTube page.