Adrian Hembree captured just a small part of the destruction and chaos after Tuesday's earthquake with his cell phone.

"I think experiencing an earthquake of this magnitude was just mind-blowing," said Hembree, who is in Mexico City with his manager and corporate chef.

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Hembree owns several Houston area restaurants including Peska in the Galleria.

"We came down here after Harvey just for some inspiration," Hembree said.

On Tuesday, he said they found some inspiration in the way people responded to the powerful earthquake. It happened on the same day as a devastating one in 1985.

"It's just hard to describe what we experienced other than people coming together no matter where you are," Hembree added.

Ana Beaven, co-owner of Cuchara in Montrose, said she spent the day furiously trying to find relatives in Mexico.

"It's never fun to know there was an earthquake," she said. "All my family lives in Mexico City except for one of my sisters. Thank God all our friends and family are fine. All my employees' families in Mexico City are fine. No one had major damage."

Beaven lived through the earthquake in 1985 and she said she was in Mexico earlier this month when another earthquake rocked the country's southern coast.

"It's always really hurtful to hear of an event like this whether it's in Houston or Mexico City for me because both are my homes," she said.

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