If you’ve ever needed anymore of a reason to head out to a Texans football game, now you've got one!

The team and its vendors are rolling out an entirely new menu, and it's nothing like what you'd find at a typical concession stand.

It’s cheesy, gooey goodness. It’s smothered, deep fried delicousness.

“I cant make this kind of food at home," said Jeff Mitchamore, a Texans super fan.

It’s enough to make anyone’s taste buds do a back flip.

“It's not concession food anymore," Mitchamore said.

The Texans are now cooking up concoctions like you’ve never seen, offering fans a big bite of their new recipes, like the Brunchin Chicken Biscuit, Killen’s Brisket Tacos and the Fuddruckers Texan Burger.

“It’s hand made, it’s made here in house," said Joel Nash, the Aramark District Manager at NRG Stadium.

They’ll even have nachos, buffalo wings and a build your own queso bar.

“This is the place where you will get the best products, exclusive products and certainly we have an eye towards value," said Jamey Rootes, the Houston Texans President.

Mitchamore was invited to sample the new concessions.

“Obviously I ate it all," Mitchamore said.

This season, Killen’s BBQ will have three times as many locations and Fuddruckers will have four times as many at NRG.

Mitchamore says he doesn’t need any more of a reason to head out to a game, but this just adds to the reason of why he’s a Texans fan.

“It's just getting better every year. And when they’re adding Ronnie Killen and Chris Shepherd to the mix, it’s just top of the line," said Mitchamore.