The Houston SPCA has taken in hundreds of pets rescued from floodwaters in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and staff members say they expect thousands more to be brought in.

Pets including dogs, cats and many other animals are still being rescued from flooded homes.

The Houston SPCA tells KHOU 11 News they expect thousands more to be coming in over the course of the next week. They've already brought in more than 200.

"We've gotten quite a number of calls from people who had to leave their homes very quickly, their animals are still there and they can't get back in," said Julie Kuenstle, director of communications for the Houston SPCA. "We work with local law enforcement and go into their homes and get them reunited."

In order to make room for the thousands of animals coming in, they shipped 120 of their "adoptable" animals to the Atlanta Humane Society.

The SPCA is confident these animals - which have been at the SPCA for quite some time - will be taken in quickly there.

Thousands of people have also donated to the SPCA; so much so that they needed a special distribution warehouse to hold all the supplies. People donated things like food, toys, and leashes for the animals.

"We are just so blessed to live in a community where we have people with generous hearts," Kuenstle said.

The SPCA said it's looking to get a foster program up and running to give a temporary place for animals to stay while their owners are getting back on their feet.

If you want to donate to the SPCA, click here.