SPRING, Texas- Two Houston-area families' sailors are involved in a Navy ship crash. One is missing and the other survived.

USS John S. McCain collided with an oil tanker east of Singapore over the weekend, 10 sailors are now missing.

KHOU spoke to a father who finally got the word he'd been waiting for that his son survived.

At his Spring home, there's no question Navy pride runs deep.

"I never told him to join, I never asked him to join… think while I served he was old enough to see some of the experiences I had,” said Alton Williams Jr, his father.

Alton Williams III, 21, followed in his father's footsteps joining the Navy. So, you can imagine the panic, when this father saw the news about his son’s ship.

"I'm alright pass the word, it's Trey," said the father, reading the text from his son, they call Trey.

"He sent me messages after saying had I not went to the gym that morning, I wouldn't be here talking about this,” said his father.

You see, his sleeping quarters took a direct hit. When he rushed back, all he could see was rising water. 10 of his friends are missing.

"He said I played video games with these guys every day,” said Williams.

"I hope they bring him home at least just to visit so we can give him some love, because I know that's what he needs,” said Alexis Thompson, his sister.

Back at home with Navy blue and gold still flying high, they're relieved but still waiting for answers as to how this happened.

"We weren't at war with anybody, we weren't attacking anybody or fighting so these deaths are so preventable that's what really hurts about it,” said Williams.

His family says he's now aboard the relief ship USS America.

Meanwhile, a Liberty County family is holding out hope. Their loved one, Sailor CJ Hoagland, is among the missing.