Friday is National Beer Day and it appears the Houston craft beer scene has plenty to celebrate.

“It’s awesome. It’s like being in California 20 years ago,” said Kerry Embertson, Platypus Brewing head brewer. “There’s all these new great beers.”

She added that though it may have been delayed, the Houston craft beer boom is here.

“We’re a little behind, but it’s awesome to get in at this time,” Embertson said.

You can find evidence of that boom in the loop at places like Eureka Heights, which just opened at the end of last summer near 18th and Yale.

"As craft beer’s grown, you’ve seen these little communities pop up around it,” said Casey Moats, Eureka Heights’ owner. “That’s what we think is really great about it.”

The pint glass runneth over, spilling into neighborhoods all over the city.

“People are thirsty,” Moats said. “They really seem to enjoy the beers.”

Each Houston-area brewery has its own character and not just when it comes to the beer.

For example, City Acre Brewing sits on a city acre in Northeast Houston, providing a sprawling outdoor playground for kids and adults alike.

“We’ve got gardens and ver 60 perennial fruit-bearing plants on site,” said co-owner Matt Schlabach. “That all goes into either the beer or the food in our restaurant.”

If pet-friendly patios are more your thing, it’s time to hop over to Platypus Brewing off Washington Ave.

“I think the platypus kind of symbolizes our personality to a certain extent: we’re Australian, we work hard, play hard, and we’re just a little bit of tongue in cheek,” said Platypus Brewing owner Sean Hanrahan.

Whatever your flavor, with an estimated 40 breweries in the Houston area, you're bound to find something you like.

Adds Hanrahan: “Every day should be beer day.”