HOUSTON - Sidney and Anna Binder share a love story for the ages. The Houston couple celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary Wednesday afternoon.

A party was thrown for the lovebirds, ages 95 and 92, at Parkway Place, a senior living community where the couple resides. They were surrounded by friends, family and staff as they celebrated the remarkable milestone.

The two met in Houston in 1938 at Anna's middle school dance. Sidney tapped the shoulder of the boy Anna was dancing with and cut in to have their first dance. Anna enrolled in high school the following week, walked into her new school and saw Sidney coming down the stairs. They have been together ever since.

<p>Anna, 92, and Sidney Binder, 95, celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary at Parkway Place, the senior living community where they live. They were surrounded by family and friends to commemorate the special occasion. Photos: Sarah Zizinia / KHOU.com</p>

The two dated for about four years and they married when Anna graduated from high school in 1942. The Binders say a lot has changed in the last seven decades, but their feelings for each other have remained the same.

"As long as I have been around them, which is a long time, it's all about respect. I have never seen my dad raise his voice to my mother. I've never seen my mother raise her voice to my father. And that's what you call respect," said the couple's son.

Photos: Houston couple celebrates 75th wedding anniversary

Anna and Sidney, a Russian immigrant and a World War II veteran, owned several local businesses together. The two have lived in Houston for their entire married life.

They have three children, eleven grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

When asked what their advice is for newlyweds, Anna said to relish in the little things.

"In the morning when you get up, and you're standing in the kitchen and one of you walks up and pats the other one on the back - it doesn't make any difference if you have your makeup on or you don't have your makeup on - but if somebody comes and gives you a little hug, that means so much," said Anna.

The couple's granddaughter Teisa has the added blessing of sharing her birthday with the couple's wedding anniversary. She and other grandchildren shared precious memories of their grandparents and how they demonstrated by example what a marriage is supposed to be.

Anna and Sidney Binder

"They taught me that your word and your bond and your last name is all you have. I'm trying to carry that on into my own family. I have a nice little blueprint of their marriage to hopefully follow," said Adam Binder, the couple's grandson.

Anna expressed their gratitude for the soiree before cutting into their cake and feeding some to each other. It was clear to the party attendants that their love for one another is as strong as ever.

"Yes, seventy five years. It's even hard for me to believe that the time has gone so quickly. And, as I say every now and then, this is the last rodeo so we want to enjoy every single minute of it," said Anna. "It's been one of the most wonderful days of Sid and my life."