"Fire and Fury," the latest book about U.S. President Donald Trump, was released Friday, ahead of schedule.

Between non-stop calls and sold-out shelves, bookstores across Houston are racing to keep up with the demand.

By Friday afternoon, Brazos Bookstore in Rice Village had a waitlist about 30 people long. While the effects of the book remain to be seen, the controversy surrounding is driving up sales.

President Trump's team sent author Michael Wolff and his publisher, Henry Holt, a cease and desist letter Thursday. Trump also mentioned the book in a number of tweets, writing it's based off lies and misrepresentation. Wolff then defended himself and his book Friday morning on NBC's "The Today Show."

“It's good for sales, when we can have the book of course, economically,” Benjamin Rybeck said.

Rybeck, the general manager for Brazos Bookstore, says he pre-ordered a few copies for customers.

“At this point, we take customer orders and we get them the book as soon as we can," Rybeck said.

At Brazos Bookstore, staff normally read and review the books they sell. Details about the book and why a reader should buy it are hand-written on index cards.

“When we're recommending those books, it is entirely about the quality of the book and not anything about the political orientation or the ideological orientation of the book,” Rybeck said.

Book collector James Conrad added his name to a growing list of customers who'd like to reserve a copy from the next round of published books ordered by the Rice Village store.

“I want to get it in my library in case it becomes something that has a great effect,” Conrad said.

“So, I guess we'll have to wait and see what it actually winds up doing,” Rybeck said. “Sometimes these books come out and they go away.”