Thousands and thousands of people are fleeing Florida ahead of Hurricane Irma’s expected landfall this weekend. Many evacuees are turning to Texas, with some choosing to hunker down in Houston.

According to The Houston Airport System, at least 11 flights to Florida were cancelled Friday. Flights from the western portion or Florida are still scheduled, as well as flights in and out of Orlando.

Friday, clear blue skies across Houston made opportunities for flights seem endless.

“We booked the flight yesterday,” said Alberto Guillen. “I was born ready,” chuckled the man who owns homes in the Dominican Republic and Orlando, Florida. He moved his trip back to Orlando up by a few days in order to return home from Houston ahead of Irma making landfall.

“I’m a combat veteran. I cannot live in fear,” said Guillen. “Well, I’m not scared of Irma.”

Guillen doesn’t yet know if he’ll ride out the once category five hurricane at his Orlando home or he will evacuate once he boards up his windows. “We’ve got to assess the situation and see what we can do.,” said Guillen. “We cannot leave our home, our property, our belongings stranded. We’ve got to secure them.”

From concern to comfort, “I was terrified. Terrified.” Diana Boswell stood anxiously as she waited for her daughter, two grandchildren and three pets to exit a flight from Dallas to Houston.

“Oh yeah! Yes! Lots of anticipation,” said Boswell. “She was in St. Thomas. They have restaurants in St. Thomas. Which had been destroyed. St. Thomas is devastated,” said Boswell as she spoke of the location within the U.S. Virgin Islands that was slammed by Irma earlier this week. With a few suitcases, Boswell’s family escaped the Island by flying to Miami, Florida then to Dallas and finally to Houston.

According to some flights in and out of Florida are still scheduled for Saturday. But flights in and out of Miami from Houston are now showing as cancelled.

“We already survived Harvey here in Houston,” said Guillen. “If we continue being scared, we probably won’t go anywhere.”