The freezing temperatures are causing a frantic push to get broken heaters fixed again as homeowners try to do what they can to stay warm.

For Walter and Fran Carrow, waking up Wednesday morning was been anything but comfortable.

“Then all of a sudden, I thought why are my hands getting so cold," Fran said.

With the smell of smoke throughout the home, Fran walked downstairs to check the Thermostat. It was off.

“Having problems with your heater today?" ARS Rescue Rooter AC Tech Orlando said. “It looks like your fan is overheated. It’s actually causing more of an electrical burn inside here."

A 15-year-old system that now needs to be replaced, and soon.

“Oh thank goodness, because we would have to go stay at our sons house tonight," Fran said.

Orlando has actually made several stops this week, checking on heating systems. Some need replacement, but others just need a little cleaning.

“If you have a dirty system, what happens is it makes the system work harder, right? When it works harder it’s going to cost you more to operate, and the worst effect is there’s going to be a break down at some point because it’s not maintained well," ARS Rescue Rooter HVAC Manager Charles Griffith said.

Walter says he’s had to bundle up and cuddle with Fran to keep warm - which he doesn’t mind.

“Just cuddled up," Walter said.

They're just happy that the small burn didn’t ignite into something much more serious.

“It could’ve burned all of these places down," Fran said.

“If we had been asleep, we would’ve never known that there was a fire, so we were fortunate," Walter said.

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