Seven high definition security cameras are keeping watch of a neighborhood in the Heights.

The effort to capture crimes on camera hasn't cost taxpayers a dime, instead a concerned neighbor put the cameras up, most of them on a pole in his front yard.

“Most people see it and they’re like, that’s the best video I’ve seen yet," said Jet George who has invested an estimated $5,000.

The idea came after George held a man at gunpoint in his front yard in 2016. He says a Nest camera, watching his driveway, alerted him that a stranger was banging on his garage door. After watching that video, George began putting up more cameras.

George shared with KHOU 11 News some of the clips his cams have caught, including a man walking down the street wielding a pistol. Another shot shows people running down the street as a car alarm blared. George says it happened as a group was trying to break into cars parked in driveways.

When asked if he though the security system was a bit too prying, George said, “my neighbors are like, we’re glad that you have the cameras.”