HOUSTON - The asking price for the two-bedroom, one-bathroom home at 610 Allston is $439,900.

According to the online real estate listing, the home is a little more than 1,100 square feet. Real Estate agents confirm it went on the market Thursday, five days after human remains were pulled out of the home.

"It's all on the news," said neighbor Janine Murphy. "Everybody's going to know that this is the house in the Heights that the bones were found in."

The mystery of Mary Cerruti

Janine Murphy walks past the blue and white bungalow at least once a day.

"We have all these theories," said Murphy. "Because she was a little bit older, did she try to get up in her attic and fell and got trapped? Could she have gotten electrocuted up there? Or Was there foul play?"

Neighbors think the bones belonged to 61-year old Mary Cerruti. Records show she purchased the house in The Heights in 2001. She stopped making mortgage payments in 2014.

Neighbors say Cerruti's car remained in the driveway for a about a year after she disappeared but one day, it was gone.

On Friday, KHOU 11 confirmed with the Houston Police Department that officers rushed to the home just before 8 a.m. on August 10, 2015.

Police noted the call as a welfare check and officers said they spotted a broken window on the north side of the home and several dead cats but no sign of Mary Cerruti.

Houston Police confirm that call launched a missing person's report. Investigators say the last time anyone actually saw Cerruti was in February 2015.

Last Saturday, as new renters were moving into the home, they discovered the human remains.

The Harris County Institute for Forensic Sciences reported that it cannot give KHOU 11 a timeline of when the remains will positively be identified, because it's unclear when DNA results will be returned.

"It doesn't give me the heebie-jeebie's unless I think about living in that house," said Murphy. "Then I think I would have to bail."

According to Texas Real Estate laws, an agent does not have to disclose the discovery of human remains to a potential home buyer unless the remains are connected to a murder.

KHOU 11 did attempt to communicate with the listing agent but he refused to take or return our call.

Real estate records show the property has been on and off the market for more than 400 days.