It's the season opener at both Texas A&M's Kyle Field and at the University of Texas, Royal Memorial Stadium. While the season is young, so far Mother Nature is playing a foul-free game.

For long-time Texans, having high temperatures under a clear September sky means sizzling temperatures and rampant heat exhaustion. Not this year however. A strong, early season cold front swept in in the wake of Harvey and propelled us into the Autumn season. High temperatures have been stuck in the mid 80s and Saturday will be no different.

Nicholls at Texas A&M

If there's any cloud over Kyle Field Saturday, it's the dark one that has lingered after a stunning collapse at UCLA last week. Shake it off, Ags. This game will kick off under clear skies at 7 p.m. with temperatures in the low 80s. Now forming at the north end of Kyle Field: the extra point formation by the special teams. A&M steam rolls Nicholls 58-7. A prediction by yours truly.

San Jose State at Texas

Texas remains in the hunt for its first win Saturday and the weather will be a treat for the Longhorns who are used to blistering heat in early September. It'll also be quite the welcome gift for those visiting from San Jose State where low humidity and blue skies will be like California livin'. Look for high temperatures in the mid to upper 80s and lows in the low 60s. Texas will go on to win today's game in my very unofficial prognositcation: 35-10.

All other games kicking off across the state face similar conditions with clear skies and warm afternoons followed by mostly clear and cool evenings.