From a distance, Friday’s service in Mainland Memorial Cemetery looked like any other. However, normal funerals include a sense of closure; The one for Marguerite Lamb one did not.

“No one should go through this. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone,” said Michelle Lamb, Marguerite’s granddaughter.

Nearly two weeks ago, the family tried to bury Marguerite. However, the family says cemetery owner Russell LaRoe informed them as they were approaching the site that someone else was in her plot.

“He moved a body from this cemetery and he has not yet discussed with the family or us who that person was,” said Michael Lamb, Marguerite’s son. “We don’t know who that person is.”

The family now wonders if that casket belonged to Michael's father, who was buried in back in 1994.

“When he passed away years ago, it was a rainy day,” Michelle said. “We were under the impression that, after we left the awning, he would be buried when the weather got better.”

The family had no reason to question that until Marguerite’s first scheduled funeral.

“We all hurt. This is something we planned on doing two weeks ago and it’s an emotional strain to the family,” said Michael.

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As Marguerite was finally laid to rest on Friday, the family stood and watched while crews shoveled dirt onto the casket. This way, they know she is buried where she’s supposed to be.

“She’s supposed to be laid to rest next to her husband, my grandfather, and we question: Is he there?” Michelle says. “We have no proof of that.”

That answer could come from Hitchcock Police, who are actively investigating the cemetery and LaRoe.

“I have talked to someone in the DA’s office and I hope they get to the bottom of this,” Michael said. “I really do.”

LaRoe has told KHOU 11 he doesn’t know who was in Marguerite’s grave because he doesn’t have burial records. That would be a violation of Texas Health and Safety Code, which requires cemeteries to keep records of interment.