HOUSTON — A driver was pretty shaken up after she somehow drove her car through the ledge of a parking garage in west Houston.

According to the Houston Fire Department, it happened in the 2400 block of Elmside.

When firefighters arrived on the scene, the found the vehicle sticking out over the ledge of the third level of the garage. HFD said that the female driver was still behind the wheel of the car.

Firefighters first secured the vehicle using a tow truck, and then extracted the driver through the car’s sunroof.

The driver was said to be OK and was just shaken up from the accident, HFD said. Firefighters were not able to remove the car, and Houston police eventually took over the scene.

HPD will take over the investigation and remove the vehicle with a heavy duty crane, HFD said.

HFD said the driver was not sure how accident happened.

PHOTOS: Driver rescued as car dangles on parking garage ledge