HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies received reports of a man with a weapon at an apartment complex near Katy early Wednesday.

Deputies responded to the 1000 block of S. Mason Road around 5 a.m. where the suspect allegedly refused to come out of an apartment. The sheriff’s office HROU team, similar to SWAT, then responded as well.

According to deputies at the scene, it all started around 2 a.m. with a dispute between two neighbors at the complex. The male tenant was allegedly making sexual advances toward a female neighbor. The female threatened to tell his girlfriend, and he in turn threatened to kill her, deputies say.

A weapon was allegedly visible at some point, so deputies were called. That’s when the man refused to come out of his home, which had three females and another male inside.

Eventually deputies made their way in and allegedly found drug residue. The man in question said he was initially too scared to come out of the home, resulting in the standoff.

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