FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas – Good Samaritans rush into action pulling a victim from a fiery head-on crash overnight.

According to the Houston Police Department, it happened on McHard Road, east of the Fort Bend Tollway.

But those good Samaritans didn’t hesitate to risk their lives and save the driver.

Police said a Cadillac headed east on the two-lane highway crashed with a truck trying to pass up a car. The truck caught fire with the driver still inside.

But fortunately, he was saved just in time by three good Samaritans and a Houston police officer.

When asked why they did it, here’s what one of them had to say.

“It’s not what you think about doing, it’s just what you do,” Denver Valentine said. “There’s just a check list that runs in your mind to make sure they’re safe, you make sure nobody is going to get hurt.”

Call it divine intervention, Valentine is a veteran, who spent time in crash recovery.

Both drivers were hurt, one was bleeding from the face, while the other had a broken leg. They were taken to a hospital.

As far as the other two Samaritans, when asked why they did what they did, they said quote “it was the right thing to do.”