HOUSTON - People who love Mike Munnings say he would gladly give you the shirt of his back.

"He has a big heart,” said Megan Bailey, Munnings’ sister-in-law. "He's the kind of guy that's wanting to help anybody and everybody, no matter how big or small."

She said he wouldn’t think twice about charging into a dangerous accident scene and helping those in need.

According to authorities, Munnings witnessed a head-on collision on I-110 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana during the early morning hours on January 6 as he was driving toward Florida for a job.

Authorities say Munnings got out of his car and ran to lend a hand.

But while he attempted to help out, he and another Good Samaritan were struck by a tractor trailer that careened into the stalled vehicles. Somehow Munnings survived. The other Good Samaritan was killed.

"It's actually a miracle that Mike is alive,” said Bailey. “From the way that the accident was, it's a miracle. So we're grateful for that but our hearts do hurt.”

Munnings is expected to recover from his wounds, but his family is raising money online to help pay for medical costs.

"Not everybody is going to stop early morning and help an accident,” added Bailey. “A lot of people would just drive by.”

If you’d like to help the family, you can donate here.