'Go Go Astros' songwriter Mack Hayes, 72, still singing, going strong
Author: Jason Bristol
Published: 2:09 AM CDT June 19, 2017
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We came to The Sundance Grill II at Waterford Harbor to order a classic.

We learned it also comes with a ham.

"Don't forget what I told you," the man says to a reporter. "Right from the beginning, it was sex, drugs and rock 'n roll."

And now?

"Now it's Medicare, Social Security and rock n' roll!" he says, followed by a big laugh.

His name is Mack Hayes and at 72-years-old, performing continues to be his game.

But is his old song "Go Go Astros" still a home run?


'Go Go Astros' songwriter Mack Hayes, 72, still singing, going strong

Chapter 1

Best-know for Oilers songs

"We're you surprised when I emailed you?" asked KHOU 11 Sports Anchor Jason Bristol. "Yeah, I was surprised."

Mack's lived around Houston his whole life and back in the day, he was best-known for coming up with Oilers songs, like "Luv Ya Blue," before composing his Astros tune in 1979. Like Nolan (Ryan), (Joe) Niekro and (Bob) Knepper, Mack believes it remained in the Astros rotation through the 1980s.

Now, 'Go Go Astros' lives on YouTube and Mack's website, mackhayes.com.

Does it take him a long time to write a song like 'Go Go Astros?'

"It doesn't really take that long because you can kind of map out word associations," said Mack, who sings everything from motown to country. "(For example) 'This goes with Astros, this goes with Oilers.'"

Mack says he hasn't performed 'Go Go Astros' in a few years, but he agreed to play it for us at the restuarant before the dinner crowd arrived. Hayes continues to make weekly appearances at Sundance Grill II.

The response from small group gathered at the bar?

It proves 'Go Go Astros' is still a huge hit.

"People remember (the song)," he said. "It's amazing to me." Mack receives emails about the song through his website.

Would it be easy to write a song about this year's Astros team?

"Oh yeah, they're just so hot," said Mack. "That's kind of way the Oilers thing came about in the beginning; the Oilers were just so hot at that time."

Chapter 2

Plans for an updated version?

Mack has no plans of writing an updated version of his classic. If the Astros are looking a theme song, we now know Mack's still playing.

They'll just have to call him up from the marina league.