PASADENA, Texas -- Ted Myers wishes he could always be there to protect his daughter. And he was sick to his stomach when he saw a picture of her with a gun pointed at her head -- allegedly by her classmate's mother.

"I literally, my stomach dropped," Myers said. "I got nauseous and shaky."

Myers said it happened earlier this week when his 14-year old daughter, Victoria, showed up for a fight behind Pasadena High School.

She admits it had something to do with a boy, and said friends of a girl she barely knew had challenged her to show up.

She never expected the other girl's mom to show up too.

"I saw her and heard her," Victoria said.

But she didn't realize how bad it was until she saw a classmate's cell video, believed to show 33-year old Viridiana Alvarez.

"I didn't know she had a gun until after I saw I picture of the fight afterward," she said.

Alvaraz denied there were ever bullets in the gun and said it was only there to intimidate. By the time a school officer came to break things up, witnesses said she had tucked it away in her purse.

She now faces charges of aggravated assault.

As for Ted Myers, he has not yet decided on the proper discipline for his child.

"Had I known there was going to be a fight, she wouldn't have been there," he said.

Victoria and the other girl have been suspended until Monday. They were also ticketed and will be required to take part in a 5-day guidance program.

Myers is just grateful for the video. Without it, he believes it would have been difficult to prove that the gun was there.

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