A Houston girl battling Leukemia now has no home after 3 feet of water rushed inside hers during the storm.

Struggling to find a healthy place for her to live, she’s now at a home with 11 other people. All the while, the 8-year-old is receiving regular treatments for cancer.

Mia DeLeon is building a house out of Legos.

“I got flowers and a bit of decorations," Mia said.

Why, you ask?

“These are the windows," Mia said.

It's for her family.

“The red part is my room, but I still have to add in one bed," Mia said.

They lost theirs in the flood.

“My sister opened the door so she could look out, and then whenever she opened the door, it was all the way up, and then whenever she opened the door, all of the water went inside the house," Mia said.

Mia wasn't there though. She was in the hospital getting better.

“They put the needle inside me, and then they start putting the medicine in the needle," she said. "Does that hurt?" someone asked. "No, I'm used to it," she replied.

She’s used to it all: the needles, the hospitals, the pain. She’s been doing it since November.

“Just seeing Mia go through this the past year and seeing this is very heartbreaking for us, because even if we wanted to, we can’t help that much," said Fabiola Salgado, Mia's cousin.

Three families are now living under one roof that didn’t flood. Mia is among them.

Her bedroom with the lavender walls and glow in the dark stickers has been gutted. Her Legos now lay on the curb.

“She doesn’t complain about it. It just amazes me how strong these kids are," Salgado said.

And the 8-year-old knows she’s strong.

“I'm really strong, like Hulk!" Mia said.

She’s ready for a fight.

“Cancer," Mia said.

And she’s got the gloves and the heart to make it happen.

“How bad you going to beat it? Really bad!" Mia said.

If you would like to help Mia's family, tap/click here to donate.

Her school is also hosting a blood drive in honor of Mia from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Friday at Freeman Elementary, 2323 Theta.