GALVESTON COUNTY, Texas- City leaders in Galveston are pulling more than 30 Ford Explorers off the streets because of carbon monoxide concerns.

In Austin, officials pulled 400 patrol units after three officers were possibly exposed.

To many police departments, Ford Explorers became the car of choice. It's no different in Galveston. The city uses 32 Ford Explorers, 27 belong to the police department. All now parked, as a precaution.

"We've had some officers raise some concerns, one even experienced some of the things you might see with carbon monoxide poisoning," said Capt. Josh Schirard, with Galveston Police.

However, police say thankfully tests showed their officer was not exposed to carbon monoxide. The scare though did prompt the city to take a closer look.

"It did bring to light, the issues are real and they need to be dealt with," said Schirard.

Ford released this statement, saying in part: "The company has discovered holes and unsealed spaces in the back of some police interceptor utilities that had police equipment installed after leaving Ford's factory."

In Galveston, pulling the cars they say is part of their duty to the men and woman who get behind the wheel everyday to protect us.

"We don't want to take the chance or take the risk of exposing an officer to undue safety concerns or undue harm, when they have to go out and deal with that on a daily basis as is," said Schirard.

Ford technicians are flying in. They'll be here Thursday morning. No matter what they find, each of the explorers will be getting a carbon monoxide monitor.