Wednesday night in the Romero household means there's homework to do before Marlenis allows her three children to turn on their brand new X-Box.

Two weeks ago, someone broke into their Galveston home and took their old X-Box along with other valuables.

"They took my immigration papers, birth certificates, social security, my jewelry, earrings, shoes, food," Romero said. "They went everywhere."

That's where Officers Coronado, Martinez and Jaradi come in -- police officers who did more than protect and serve.

They came came to the rescue of a single mother and her kids after burglars stole their valuables.

Police tell us they respond to these types of burglary calls two to three times a week, if not more, but this call and this family affected three Galveston police officers much differently.

"We do so many reports, but in this case, after we saw what happened, we kind of feel for her, so we feel compelled to do something," said Officer Edward Coronado, who has been with Galveston PD for a year.

He, Martinez and Jaradi responded to the burglary call.

"It's unfortunate to get all these things taken away from you when she's working for kids and stuff like that," Officer Geovanny Martinez said.

After they took the report, they put their own money together and bought the family that gaming system. The picture of the officers doing that was shared by the city of Galveston's Facebook page and it has reached more than 17,000 people.

"You could tell that she really felt it. You could just see it in her eyes," Officer Coronado said.

"We're just people so we still have hearts and still care about people," Officer Martinez said.

Romero said she and her children couldn't be more grateful.

"I really appreciate them for doing that, for them to give something back to me and my family," said Katherine Rivera, Marlenis Romero's 14-year-old daughter.

This mom's residency papers were also taken in the burglary, so she has to spend money to get those back instread of taking her kids on a vacation.

She works in the kitchen at UTMB on the island.