GALVESTON, Texas - The Health Department is tracking fecal bacteria in the Gulf of Mexico and some beaches on Galveston Island have more of it than others.

County health officials say that this isn't cause for alarm but it is something you should think about if you're heading to Galveston this weekend.

The biggest cluster of bacteria was found at the popular Stewart Beach.

Galveston County health officials say that there isn't fecal matter that's been found in the water - it's fecal bacteria.

"It's the most likely bacteria you find in the guts of mammals, birds, anything, sewage has it, septic systems have it," says Lorrie Fitzsimmons-Evans with the Galveston County Health Department.

If you want to be extra safe, remember to wash well after swimming in the water, especially any wounds or cuts you might have. Also, don't drink the water.

The levels can fluctuate day to day but you can check on the beach you're visiting here.