Galveston Police officer Gregory Parris is used to making traffic stops. But this one made his heart race.

"That day I was very nervous," said Parris.

He wasn't catching a criminal. He was pulling over the love of his life. He watched from his squad car as another officer turned on his sirens and pulled over Sara Wolff. It was all part of an elaborate plan by Ofc. Parris and Galveston Police.

"They both deserve Academy Awards," said Wolff.

When Wolff looked up, she knew she was getting pulled over, but didn't know why. When the officer came to her window, he told her she had a broken tail light.

Dash cam video captures what happened next. With a straight face, the officer told her she had outstanding warrants. He asked her to get out of the car. A lieutenant shows up to sort through it all and calls Ofc. Parris to make his move.

"He said 'do you want her in handcuffs?', and I said ' no don't put her in handcuffs'," said Parris.

He drove up, walked out and got down on one knee.

"He said Sarah Jane Wolff will you be my wife," said Wolff.

She said yes, of course. And it's a good thing she did too.

"She might have gone to jail otherwise," said Parris, jokingly.

"I can't imagine being proposed to any better than that," said Wolff. "It was perfect for us."

A perfect proposal by a police officer who wanted to make sure this one didn't get away.

"This is my number one all time traffic stop by far," said Parris.

The happy couple tells us the wedding is set for July 6.