HOUSTON — Some Twitter and Instagram accounts claiming to have inside information on Louis Vuitton and Supreme told followers a pop up shop featuring clothing designed through a collaboration of the two brands would happen this coming Friday.

No one can identify a specific location, so more than 100 people are camping outside The Galleria, along Alabama at McCue, which is near the Louis Vuitton store.

However, a quick search of Louis Vuitton’s website, which features locations for pop up stores, does not mention Houston.

It’s unclear if either brand have ever acknowledged selling the clothing, which is in limited supply, in Houston. Still, some campers, who’ve been outside The Galleria since Sunday, refuse to throw in the towel.

“So that’s what motivates me to stay despite the, we’re not going to have it. I’m 20,” said Mario Rios who showed up at 5 a.m. on Monday after driving from San Antonio. He became the 20th person in line. “I’d rather stay and not have it. That way come Friday, I was told. I knew better. And then find out Friday, I leave, I was 20th and I would have got it.”

A bulk of the people waiting for Friday say they are going to buy as much clothing as they can afford, then turn around and sell it at a much higher price. “We’re selling this to rich people who don’t want to wait in line,” said Lukas Chapa who drove in from Pearland.

“It’s no guarantee. It’s a gamble. It’s a gamble and I’m a gambling man. So I don’t have no qualms about just sitting here and waiting,” said Rios