The brother who introduced Carolina Flores to her accused killer saw no signs of trouble before the tragedy, he told KHOU 11 News. He is now worried about what lies ahead for his sister’s five children.

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Members of Evangelical Garifuna Church lifted their voices and hands in praise and prayer to God Friday evening. At times they begged God to understand the pain seen trickling down faces. Their church community, almost all from Tela, Honduras, a small town where they said everyone knows everybody, came to heal.

All grieved Flores, 33, a mother of five allegedly stabbed to death by Erika Miranda-Alvarez, an acquaintance Flores met through her brother. Miranda-Alvarez stole Flores’ six-week old baby Shamali and presented the child to others as if it were her own, according to Houston Police and prosecutors.

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Erika J. Miranda-Alvarez

One day after police and FBI agents found Shamali safe in southwest Houston, her uncle and future caretakers remain shocked.

“I cannot say if I’m upset, if I’m sad, (or) if I’m angry,” Martinez-Miranda said. “But what I know it’s painful.”

Pastor Desman Nunez of Evangelical Garifuna grew up with Flores, who according to friends moved to the United States five years ago with one focus.

“When she made a video, post(ed) something on Facebook, or when she talks, she was focused on her kids,” Nunez said.

The packed house at Nunez’s church honored Flores by stuffing boxes with donations to help ease the burden her children face.

“It’s hard for us,” Martinez-Miranda said. “Just imagine it’s going to be more hard for the kids and they will know in the future that they don’t have (a) mom. But the most important thing, I know a lot of people here, they’re going to give us support.”