HOUSTON - Colleagues say law enforcement officials make plenty of enemies but they can’t imagine who’d want to shoot and kill Clint Greenwood.

The search continues for the killer of the 30-year veteran of law enforcement who was shot in Baytown early Monday. Harris County Pct. 3 Assistant Chief Deputy Constable Clinton Greenwood was airlifted to the hospital but did not survive. 

$65K reward offered for info on fatal shooting of deputy

Within minutes of Deputy Constable Clint Greenwood arriving at Memorial Hermann via LifeFlight, so did his family – the blood family and the blue family.

“That’s when the family in blue comes behind the family in blood and helps the family walk through this process together,” says Clif Cummings, a law enforcement chaplain who primarily works with Sugar Land Police.

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Cummings said the first step for a chaplain is to reassure the officer’s family that, in most cases, the officer did nothing wrong. For fellow law enforcement officers, he said healing begins with opening up.

His high high school friend and fellow law enforcement officer Lt. Tim Cannon was there to help Greenwood's wife and four grown children deal with unbearable pain.

"It's complete heartbreak," said Cannon. "Absolutely horrific to see how his kids responded in total disbelief, their dad is gone, her husband is gone, and now what do I do."

Lt. Cannon wanted the public to know who his friend was.

"Most recently, we got the chance to ride motorcycles together," said Cannon. "We hadn't ridden in years and I can still see his face riding next to me with that big Clint Greenwood smile."

Cannon said whoever pulled the trigger is a coward that took the life of an amazing officer, but an even more outstanding friend.

"We loved one another," said Cannon. "We always ended with a huge and that's just the way I remember Clint. Always wanted to reach out and hug you and say see you tomorrow brother."

Others who knew Greenwood shared similar memories and remarks about him. 

“Chief Greenwood was such a precious, wonderful man,” said Wanda Asbeck. Her home backs up to the courthouse annex in Baytown. She also works for the Precinct 3 Constable’s office.

“I heard two shots, I was in the bathroom at the time,” said Asbeck.  “He was on the ground and then I saw cars coming very quickly, the deputies were coming.”

She said she could hardly take it when she later heard Greenwood didn’t make it. “And I prayed so hard for him to be okay, to be back with us again,” said Asbeck.

“I just can’t imagine anybody wanting to shoot Clint Greenwood,” said Jim Leitner. Leitner works in the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. He worked with Greenwood in multiple departments over the years - they were also the best of friends.

“Just last Friday we had lunch,” said Leitner.  “And he was full of life and happy.”           

He says Greenwood told him he rewrote precinct 3’s operations manual since joining the office in January.

He was beginning another week at work when it appears he was ambushed.

“I haven’t kept up in the investigation, I don’t want to interfere with the investigation, but from everything I’ve heard it was an assassination,” said Leitner.  “So it doesn’t appear it was a random shooting, but I guess until they tell us, it could be that too.”

One thing is certain - “We have lost an awesome, awesome man,” said Asbeck.

Greenwood left a positive impression on many people. Leitner was at the hospital with Greenwood’s family when they were told of his death and, like a lot of people, he’s praying for them.