What happened to Mary Cerruti?

Cerruti, 61, went missing two years ago.

She was the previous homeowner of a house in the Heights neighborhood where new renters found skeletal remains.

Despite the mystery that surrounds her whereabouts and the remains found in her former home, a friend of Cerruti described her as creative and private.

"Mary was very bright, very creative, she had a sharp sense of humor, and a unique outlook on life," said Chrissie Dickerson, owner of Casa Ramirez.

Ramirez knew Cerruti for 15 years and was her former boss when she worked at her store located in the Heights. The store sells Mexican folk art.

She said Cerruti was originally from the Rio Grande Valley and moved to Houston later in life. She also said she didn't have any family and wasn't interested much in having the company of others.

"You know when you live alone, you sometimes have a different outlook on life than you would if you were surrounded by people all the time," said Ramirez.

Ramirez said she wants the chance to be able to put her friend and the mystery surrounding the remains to rest.

"I would like to be able to know so that i can put her to rest in a way," said Ramirez. "That the search has concluded, even though it is an unhappy search."

Investigators said it wasn't clear if the remains found in the home belonged to Cerruti. A medical examiner is working to identify them and find out the cause of death.