Hurricane Harvey made a strong statement as it tore through Texas. Getting life back to normal may take months.

Second Baptist in Houston debated whether to hold a football game this Friday. Athletic Director Don Massey said the school felt it would be good for the community considering what has happened over the last several weeks.

"This is their escape from some really horrible things," said Massey.

Hurricane Harvey displaced thousands of people in the Houston area, including families that attend Second Baptist. The school decided to host the game and even took it a step further.

A logo that reads "Houston Strong" was placed at the 50-yard line. And special decals were put on the varsity helmets in honor of Hurricane Harvey victims.

"This community is showing support and rallying," said resident Trey Vick. His son plays outside linebacker. The family also has been dealing with flooding at their home. The bayou which runs behind their backyard has been raging since the hurricane hit. There is still considerable standing water in their backyard and garage area.

The team had gone 11 days without practice before finally having one on Monday. Massey said the players came prepared. The head coach stressed getting back into the routine which may be a welcome idea considering some of his students lost a lot during the hurricane.

"They just took off work clothes and put on football clothes and we put them back to work," said Massey.

There will be many more games this season. But this first one really was a good distraction from everything else that is happening around Houston.