A Fredericksburg Boy Scout troop Assistant Scoutmaster consumed 23 of the world's hottest chili peppers in a YouTube video as part of an effort to raise money for his troop.

The Bhut jolokia, or ghost pepper, was certified by the Guinness World Records as the world's hottest chili pepper. In an effort to raise money for Troop 137, Assistant Scoutmaster Johnny ate 23 of the peppers provided by Dave's Gourmet.

"Right now, as I'm filming this, it's been 20 hours since Johnny consumed 23 ghost peppers and he's still in bed with really, really bad stomach pains," Scoutmaster Gayne Young said in the YouTube video. "Immediately after he consumed 23 ghost peppers, he had six Klondike bars, a bottle of Pepto-Bismol, a bottle of Mylanta, a half gallon of milk, lots of water and he was very sick."

In the video, Scoutmaster Young said that Johnny ate the peppers to "bring light to the fact that we desperately need scholarship money for our boys to get uniforms and go on trips."

Young urges viewers not to try the feat at home, but to share the video to bring attention to their cause.

"How bad were these peppers? Well, not only did Johnny get sick but my assistant Andrew and I, when we were filming and setting all this up, had to wear coverings over our face, nose and mouth because they burn just breathing with these in the same room," Young explains in the video.

Young told KVUE that Johnny was fine days after eating the peppers and believes it was all of the ice cream that made him sick and not the peppers.

"He is a retired veteran from the First Gulf War and was in the Special Forces," Young told KVUE. "He has an ironclad gut. He's actually a freak of science, the things he can eat."

Young said that last year's summer camp cost $4,000 but, due to more campus, this year is expected to be around $5,000. So far, the troop has raised $1,200.

If you would like to donate so that Johnny's pain was not in vain, you can donate here or contact Scoutmaster Young at scoutmasterfbg137@gmail.com.