FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas - Brian Blunt was a star football player who wanted to become a Fort Bend County Sheriff's deputy.

Yet his family wants to now know what went wrong after he suddenly collapsed and died during training.

"He's just an awesome kid, and I just don't want anyone to forget about Brian," said Kendra Patterson, who is his sister, but said she raised Blunt like a son. "I think his greatest attribute is the love that he had for people, the zest to always do what's right no matter who was involved, no matter who was looking."

The Harris County Medical Examiner's Office confirmed Tuesday Blunt died of heat illness.

Blunt was enrolled at the Gus George Law Enforcement Academy in Richmond. He was not a cadet yet, but he was training to be one.

Part of his training last Thursday involved a mile-and-a-half run at 9 a.m., according to the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office. He completed that run under the allotted 16-minute time but collapsed in the parking lot of the Fort Bend County Justice Center.

Paramedics rushed him to Oak Bend Medical Center, but he died three days later.

"He was a young, healthy boy," Patterson said. "He's never had any medical problems or complications. He's played football all his life."

Blunt was a standout player for the Longhorns at George Ranch High School.

"When he left out Thursday morning, he was so amped up," Patterson said. "He was so excited to start a new path in life."

Patterson said she doesn't want to "play the blame game" because she doesn't know for sure someone is at fault, but she's hoping Blunt's death is a wake-up call to anyone who is exercising out in the heat

Blunt was just 22 years old. His family said they're looking to start a foundation in his honor.