HOUSTON - Weather disrupted classes Monday at Kashmere High School. Water pouring through the roof ended up flooding the first floor.

“On the first floor, and the office too,” said parent Sheretta Lewis. An HISD employee tweeted “anytime, anywhere learning at Kashmere High School this morning.” She included several photos of students having class in the cafeteria.

“Like three different classes in one area that’s kind of compacted,” said student Antoine Perry. “It’s going to be hard to focus.”

“And then it was hot in the cafeteria, so they had to shift them around to safe areas or whatever,” said Lewis.

Some parents picked up their children early as a water removal company worked to dry things out.

A teacher sent photos from an interior hallway showing wet floors on the first level.

“In most areas, like, it’s too deep for like shoes and stuff,” said student Dantre Davidson. “Like it’ll get over your ankles and all that.”

Kashmere is in the midst of a significant renovation, which may be partly to blame for the flooding.

“The first floor of Kashmere High School flooded Sunday night due to heavy rainfall and the replacement of the roofing storm drain system,” an HISD spokesperson wrote in a statement. “Classes were moved to the second floor of the building as well as other learning areas.”

“They should have just cancelled classes today, but I guess HISD didn’t want to cancel it,” said Davidson.

Students and their parents hope for less water and fewer disruptions the rest of the week.