HOUSTON - Tens of thousands of flooded cars and trucks are still parked at makeshift salvage yards across the Houston area.

They’re being sold - slowly, but surely. That means many cars ruined by water may hit the streets again.

Hurricane Harvey didn’t discriminate when it came to flooding cars. We’re told there’s even a Rolls Royce Phantom somewhere in the salvage yard at Royal Purple Raceway near Baytown.

Drone 11 helped us get a really good look at just how massive it is.

“There’s 30 or 40 thousand cars,” said raceway VP Seth Angel. “It’s just a big number.”

We first met the folks at Royal Purple Raceway immediately after the flood. It’s one of a handful of flood car storage sites where the volume rose along with insurance claims.

“When you see this, you really get a great perspective and idea of the amount of damage that the storm caused,” said Angel.

A Dallas-based company called Copart pays the raceway for its space. The inventory is separated by insurance company name.

Copart eventually sells the damaged cars to salvage companies, dealers, pull-a-part lots and individual buyers around the world.

“They’re worth something, some are worth more than others,” said Angel. “But people are buying these cars and these cars will be back on the road.”

Meanwhile, Royal Purple hopes to be back in the race car business by March when the last of the flood cars are expected to leave.

According to Copart, there’s a strict process for selling flood damaged cars. It includes re-titling them to reflect that they’ve been damaged.

Click here for information for buyers from Texas DMV: