Houston firefighters are taking their fight for a raise to the ballot box after talks stalled with the city.

They managed to get 52,000 people to sign their petition in less than a week. They are asking for firefighters to get paid the same as Houston police officers.

The petitions serves as the first step in getting the pay parity issue on the ballot this fall.

"Houston firefighters are at a breaking point," said Patrick M. Lancton, president of the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association. "Our fleet and facilities are declining, our wages, benefits and working conditions are no longer competitive. We are losing firefighters to other departments."

Lancton said they decided to ask the voters to help the Houston firefighters, because the city refuses to do so.

Former city attorney David Feldman said it's "really not possible" to come up with an accurate estimate as to how much this raise would cost the city.

He said the voters should decide how much firefighters get paid, and it's the city's job to figure out how to pay for it.