Investigators have dropped murder charges against one of the two brothers accused in the deadly shooting at the Haverstock Hills Apartments.

The father of two of the victims is speaking out in hopes the real killer is caught.

In court documents, investigators originally said they had three witnesses who positively identified Jeremy Jones as the shooter. Now investigators have dropped the charges, and neither deputies nor prosecutors are commenting on the case, saying it is fluid and changing quickly.

The father asked KHOU 11 News not to show his face. Instead, he wanted us to look at his son, Christopher Beatty, who was one of two people killed when gunmen opened fire at the Haverstock Hills Apartments. Now the news that murder charges have been dropped hits especially hard.

“That's what I'm mad about. He is still out there,” the father said.

Jeremy Jones is no longer accused capital murder in the case, but his older brother, Harvey Jones, is still charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in the shooting that also injured four others.

Deputies believe Harvey Jones pulled out an assault rifle, but they now say the person who pulled the trigger is still on the loose.

“People are concerned and worried, so basically nothing has changed,” the father said.

Pastor E.A. Deckard of the No More Bloodshed Movement says there is a climate of fear at Haverstock Hills.

“Now there may be retaliation, and as you noticed when you went over there, people are afraid to talk. Someone knows something,” Deckard said.

Residents are planning a rally for Sunday, hoping it will help cut down on crime and solve this one. It’s something the victim’s father is praying for.

“They are going to get them,” he said.

Even though the murder charges against Jeremy Jones have been dropped, he is not free to leave jail. He faces unrelated charges for theft and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.