HOUSTON - It was just another Monday for nanny Ashley Stanley until the security camera used to monitor the baby she cares for started talking to her.

"I thought it was her mom and dad playing a joke on me," Stanley said adding, "Is there like a toy on or something cause that is creeping me out!"

When the voice told her, "Thats a really poopy diaper," she panicked.

"I was kinda really freaked out like maybe someone hacked into the camera, he said something else like you should probably password protect your camera," Stanley said.

She immediately called Sammy's mom and dad who both confirmed they had not been paying a joke on her and she unplugged the camera.

The family and the nanny thought that the system was set up to only allow viewing on the mobile app when the phone was also on the network. It seems that is not the case.

The camera maker is Foscam.

The company has an extensive list of protections for users to make sure that the systems are safe.

Chase Rhymes the company COO said "The biggest thing consumers can do is make sure that they change the default password and username."

Rhymes added that any of its cameras manufactured in the last year force users to do just that but some older cameras may require a firmware upgrade.

What happened this morning seems like a harmless prank, at least it did.

Ashley Stanley cannot help but wonder, "What pervert has been watching and not said anything? That is the kind of person that I am afraid of. Like who has been watching silently."