Houston Garden Centers made up with a police officer irked over a dead Christmas tree. He claims the shop sold it that way. However, a manager blamed heat in customers’ homes.

The Calloway family Christmas tree stands a few shakes from bare.

“The last thing I’m thinking (when I bought it) is this is a bad tree,” Lorenzo Calloway said.

The Houston Police officer purchased the tree from Houston Garden Centers. It is his go-to spot.

His wife, Jai, loved what he bought there last year. Other than the onesies their family wears Christmas morning, nothing stirred their holiday spirit like that tree.

Last Sunday, Calloway thought he bought the perfect tree for his baby due any day. Once he got it home, though, things fell apart. Needles shed constantly.

“It was almost like a never-ending task (of cleaning),” he said. “(It was) like rainfall of needles.”

The family complained to Houston Garden Centers management. They told KHOU 11 News the issue is not isolated and is likely due to cold trees being thrust into suddenly warm places.

Management is stocking fresh trees and said customers unhappy are being sent gift cards to buy replacements which is all the Calloways want.