HOUSTON - The possibility of snow in Houston may sound like fun, but it’s bad news for some Houstonians who were hit particularly hard by Hurricane Harvey.

Many families in one northeast Houston neighborhood, near Mesa Dr. and Tidwell Rd., are still waiting for repairs. They’re sleeping in tents, campers, and even their cars in the meantime.

Christine Clinkenbeard has been organizing donations with neighbors in The Woodlands.

“It’s insurmountable. I don’t think there are words to describe how great the need is. They had little to begin with and Harvey made sure they had nothing,” Clinkenbeard said.

One of the people who lost everything is Jerold Thomas. All he has left is his car.

“Once it started getting cold and raining and stuff like that, we decided to get in our car, because we didn’t have any type of way to get warm,” said Thomas.

That’s where his 4-year-old son, his son’s mom, and he slept earlier this week.

“It was very scary and emotional. It was stressful because we have to go through this in the holidays, and sad because we have a four-year-old, because this is his first time going through it,” said Megan Hubbard.

Luckily, they are one of five families who will spend the next week in a hotel, thanks to volunteers from The Woodlands.

They also gave away food, clothes, baby supplies, and dozens of blankets and heaters Thursday.

“This ain’t no big organization helping us, this is people who have come from neighborhoods to help us. That’s a blessing. That’s a real blessing to me for those people to be here,” said Thomas.

The group from The Woodlands is still collecting, diapers, heaters, blankets, and cleaning supplies.

Donations can be dropped off to Momentum Karate and Fitness in the Woodlands.